Charity Challenge Complete

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Over the last 2 months, the Xpertise team have been walking / cycling / swimming / running (you name it!) the distance from Derby to Munich and back for our Charity challenge! 

We are so proud of our team, the 25 people who took part have completed a jaw dropping 6192 miles which is 72 miles more than to Munich & back! Surely that’s worth a £5 donation or more?

Surely this means not only are Xpertise the best IT/Tech recruiter in the UK but also the fittest recruitment team in the UK!
Why Munich?
Because we originated in Derby and have recently opened our new Munich division, so we thought this was a good way to celebrate.

What is it for?
The amazing charities Cancer Research UK (CRUK) and Action for Children.

What made you choose those charities?
Well, our staff were asked to vote for a charity to raise funds for and we democratically chose Cancer Research UK (CRUK). We’re also splitting the money with Action for Children in memory of ?Jayne who was a friend and co-board member of mine for Byte Night (helping to prevent UK children sleeping rough) and sadly passed away because of COVID-19.

Please show your support by donating any amount (no matter how small) –

 (Action for Children)

(Cancer research UK