Xpertise Recruitment continues to grow it's Derby Team!

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Xpertise Recruitment has welcomed another new team member to the Derby office. We wanted to find out a little bit more about the new team member and find out why they joined Xpertise Recruitment.

Meet Imogen…

What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Imogen Bailey. I was born in Suffolk and lived there until I was 13, when I was lucky enough to move to Clonakilty, West Cork in Ireland and finished secondary school there. Ireland really is as green as everyone says, because it is pretty much always raining! When the sun does come out though, it’s heaven! I went to university at Loughborough, choosing to study Drama at a famously sporty uni! I got involved with a lot of the behind-the-scenes roles with the performance societies and worked in the campus shops all three years, becoming a supervisor in final year. Since graduating in 2018, I managed to learn to drive and worked in hospitality for a season in Ireland and a job in serviced offices which was what brought me to Derby.

I’m joining the back office team and am really excited to get stuck in and support all of the teams in Derby, London and Manchester.

In my spare time I still like to perform, singing and particularly musical theatre is so fun to me. I also like to bake, read and go for walks.

 Why did you choose Xpertise and why recruitment?

From the very first phone call I had with Dawn, I knew Xpertise was a team that I wanted to join and grow with. The culture is so positive and this is especially shown in the values and everyone who works here. Everyone is so welcoming and approachable; it’s going to be a real joy working with them all.

3 words to sum up your first week?

Busy, welcoming, fun.

If you could Travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why?

Considering the strange year it’s been, anywhere sounds amazing right now! But if I had to choose it would probably be France. It is my favourite place to go on holiday and I would love to be exploring old chateaus and visiting some vineyards!