Xpertise Recruitment continues to grow it’s Manchester Team!

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Xpertise Recruitment has welcomed another new team member to the Manchester office. We wanted to find out a little bit more about the new team member and find out why they joined Xpertise Recruitment.

Meet Adam…

What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Adam Clayton, I grew up in a little town in North Wales called Prestatyn. I was always academic and wated to go to university and I ended up attending Leeds Becket University studying Business Management which was certainly a culture change moving from a little coastal town! Whilst at university I worked in several hospitality/bar jobs and some part-time sales positions which in turn gave me the drive to want to work in sales role post uni.

I am joining the Infrastructure and Cloud team in Manchester to grow the presence across the North and hopefully sooner rather than later start building my own team!

In my spare time, everything evolves around sport. I play for my local football team in Prestatyn and sporadically attend local boxing sessions. I also love cycling, running and going on hikes. I never used to enjoy them, but lockdown pushed me to do it, however I would say this is very much a seasonal activity and has declined in the winter!

Why did you choose Xpertise and why recruitment?

The culture and the attitude towards the staff were one of the main reasons why I joined Xpertise. Richard said on the first interview that there was no ego’s and everybody genuinely wants others to do well which is a rarity in recruitment. Alongside this, the growth, numbers and market knowledge were very impressive and after the first call I knew Xpertise was the company I wanted to join!

After doing some sales positions in university and earning some commission for just working slightly harder than your colleagues, I knew I wanted to get into a sales-based position and was pointed in the direction of recruitment from an old uni mate – safe to say I’ve never looked back!

I thrive off the meritocratic system within recruitment, I love being able to be rewarded tangibly for the effort you put in. Unlike any other industry there is no barrier to what you can achieve if you apply yourself.

3 words to sum up your first week?


If you could Travel to any place in the world, where would you go and why?

Probably somewhere in the Caribbean, Jamaica would be amazing. Sun, golden beaches and jerk chicken!