Xpertise Recruitment presents TechTalks!

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Xpertise TechTalks offer real life insights into the world of senior IT leadership. We meet and discuss the hottest topics with influential leaders whilst getting their thoughts on leadership, building high performing teams and Technology.

This has been really fun and enjoyable to get off the ground and we are excited to share some of the insights we have learnt from talking to some of the UK’s top

Our very first Xpertise TechTalks saw Kevin Paige CTO of M247, one of the UK’s leading connectivity and cloud services providers discuss his take on leadership, building high performing teams, Technology and much more!

We are always looking for future guests who might be interested in sharing some of their insights further, if you are interested contact Richard Harrison.

Check out all our TechTalks at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYGpWDRttX-UoVEdKR6DjDdhfRXeNf53p