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My week in recruitment

Richard Harrison is Managing Director and owner of Xpertise Recruitment. He recently spoke to The Derby Telegraph about a standard week in recruitment, and what happens here at Xpertise.

week in recruitment

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Making Agile fun – Welcome to LEGO SCRUM town!

Last week, Phil Brindley came back to the office with 5 boxes of LEGO. Along with finding dream project delivery roles for specialist IT folk at Xpertise, this might just have been a career highlight for him! Read Phil’s write up from the latest Lean Agile Birmingham meetup to find out just how this LEGO was being used.


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What is real time coaching – is this the best way to influence change?

We went along to an Agile Derby meetup last Wednesday where Managing Director of Barefoot Coaching Ltd, Kim Morgan was there to talk about her popular training concept called Real Time Coaching. Kim went into detail about how this can influence change in your teams and with your clients through understanding behavioural psychology and process consulting.


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Remote Agile – can it work?

One of the fundamental success factors of Agile used to be the close environment teams work in. These days, with companies outsourcing projects and offshoring whole departments to cut costs, *Cough cough Brexit*, it’s interesting to find out just how remote Agile can still work, and if it’s something that can become the new Agile if you like. We chatted to one of our Xpertise candidates, Tim who is in the middle of a project working in this new remote agile environment at the moment, interested to find out just how it’s going…

remote agile

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User stories – not the next Harry Potter

How do you write a good user story? Xpertise project delivery recruitment specialist Joe MacDonald takes the main insights from a recent Lean Agile Birmingham event and adapts them for his environment.

You’re probably thinking that I’ve gone all J K Rowling on you, and I’m about to tell you how to write the next Harry Potter. HOWEVER, I’m actually referring to a different type of story – the type used in Agile project delivery. Typically, user stories are very high-level definitions of a requirement, containing just enough information so that the developers can produce a reasonable estimate of the effort to implement it.


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London DevOps Tech Meetup Event – Watch the video

Xpertise recruitment recently teamed up with leading Agile delivery consultancy BJSS to bring you our first DevOps tech meetup event in London.

Taking place at Eight Club Moorgate, London, we were also lucky to be joined by 2 great speakers.

  • David Roussel, Senior Developer at BJSS
  • Calum Lacroix, Senior DevOps Engineer at Sky.

We even produced a short video of this insightful evening, which you can view here.

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If I have kids – I’ll be getting them into coding before they can walk

Our Product Delivery recruitment specialist Olivia Healy was driving back from the gym the other night, when she found herself listening to a really interesting radio piece about the personal development aspect of coding. Not to be confused as an article all about technology and kids, Olivia goes into how coding knowledge can actually be good for personal development and understanding the different areas of technology you can go into.


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Women in Tech – Tech Wednesday Birmingham Meetup Review

Women in tech are growing, but we still have a way to go. Let’s take the younger generation, for example, our future leaders if you will: According to a report from Accenture, 77% of girls still believe that the science and technology sector lacks high-profile female role models.

Suki Bains, our software development specialist, was pretty lucky on Wednesday to be able to meet 3 really inspirational women in tech at the Tech Wednesday meetup at Innovation Birmingham Campus. These are monthly meet-ups for the Technology and entrepreneur community within Birmingham.

Instead of talking everyone’s ear off here in the office, Suki would like to share just why he thought each of them were pretty amazing.

women in tech

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IR35 Public Sector Legislation Update

Hands up; who’s confused by the recent IR35 public sector legislation? Let me try to demystify it…

I thought every supplier in the UK would be chomping at the bit to hear the latest IR35 public sector legislation update from Capita, so was quite surprised to find myself surrounded by only 35 other recruitment agency leaders on Wednesday.

The CL1 framework’s new HMRC IR35 public sector legislation comes into force from 6th April 2017, and we have been closely following updates and looking at plans for our contractors for quite a while now. However, after Wednesday – am I more equipped to advise all of our contractors? I think so…

IR35 hands up

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Why I love working for Xpertise Recruitment

Managing Consultant and .Net Specialist, Jack Lawson recruits for software developer roles in the Midlands area. Recently he spoke to The Derby Telegraph about why he loves working for Xpertise Recruitment, and what makes it different to other recruitment firms.

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