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Psychology of Coaching with Kim Morgan

What we can learn from understanding the key principles of coaching

Xpertise Recruitment were proud sponsors of the recent Agile Leicester event where Kim Morgan, owner and coach of Barefoot Coaching explored some of the key principles which make coaching more transformational than transactional.

Phil Brindley, Head of the Midlands Project Delivery Practice at Xpertise attended the event, and wanted to share what he learnt, and how this supports Xpertise Recruitment’s approach to understanding their clients requirements.

Kim Morgan started the session by looking at the role of a coach. Kim explained the coach to be an instrument of change and described them as an “Empathetic Provocateur” – being both empathetic to people situations, but also provoking a response. Coaches also need to have the ability to draw out the answer without automatically giving it to the coachee.

A great tool that was used during the event was ‘active listening’ for 3 minutes.  This involved letting the person next to us speak for 3 minutes without  interrupting, but always being there and listening, nodding but not saying anything. What was so profound about this, is how difficult it is, we always wish to add our point of view, but that isn’t the role of a coach. It is to let them get to their solution, of their own accord as most will, or worst comes to the worst, with a little nudge.

Xpertise Recruitment uses this with their clients in order to understand their individual needs and priorities, by listening to what they want, but mainly trying to under the ‘why’. Understanding the clients ‘why’ is really important, as this explains the organisations requirements, and means Xpertise can find the right talent a lot quicker. By listening to client needs it also develops a closer relationship and connection, which is why it’s of utmost important to always put the client first. If clients are listened to and needs are understood, they become more engaged. Engaged people will go further to deliver with you, and relationships formed will be stronger.

Lastly, Kim also explored motivation – what motivates people, either something they strive for (ambition) or the fear of missing out and not getting what they want.

This especially resonates with us as a business and what motives us. What’s important to Xpertise Recruitment is the ability to deliver for our clients and not let them down.  It’s also about witnessing the difference we can make by getting the right people in place and watching that business grow.

Effective coaching is in everything we do, developing a software team, motivating a project team to deliver, delivering recruiting for our clients.  

If you’re interested in learning more on the importance of coaching and motivation in the workplace, Kim Morgan speaks in more depth in her recent video with us. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about the Meet ups Xpertise sponsor, or would like to suggest future topics, please contact Phil Brindley.