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Xpertise Recruitment improves productivity with 2 hour sprints

Xpertise recruitment recently sponsored a PMI Midland event ‘Why We Should Manage Work in Progress (WIP) Limits? What’s All The Fuss About?’ at Derby University, with guest speaker Tom Reynolds – agile coach & trainer.

At this event, Tom spoke about the importance of time management and how multitasking leads to slow progress and unfinished tasks.

The moral of the session was to ‘Stop starting and start finishing!’. Tom explained how humans aren’t very good at multitasking and we perform much better when we focus on one thing at a time.

For example, for something as simple as writing a name. If you are asked to write 5 people’s names, you would finish each one before moving on to another. If you were to do a single letter for each name at a time, it would take much longer. We demonstrated this, and it more than doubled our time. This is therefore simple proof that we work quicker when working on projects one at a time.

In every day life, we are constantly multitasking. It is unavoidable, so how do we ensure we are being as productive as we can? Tom suggests the Pomodoro technique. The Pomodoro technique refers to 25 minutes of complete focus on a single task, followed by 5 minutes break and repeated 3 times. This method works with the human brain’s attention span and ensures productivity.

At a larger scale, try to take projects on one at a time. If this is impossible, try to separate whole projects into smaller chunks, and complete these one at a time. These projects can refer to anything – a job search, university studies, work projects, etc. Unfinished work has no value, so stop starting and start finishing!

We have to really focus on this in the recruitment world too, we want to deliver for our clients in a timely manner, so we have our own techniques. We time box our day into 2 hours sprints, then in that 2 hours, focus solely on one task, limiting other distractions that can take us off our goal. This allows us to start and finish a task, if it needs more time then we can add another sprint in later in the day. Ultimately this means we can source and deliver multiple roles we are recruiting for in a day, but not let quality suffer due to our speed. Try it, time box your day into 4/5 sprints and see if it allows you to focus more.

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