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Last year Xpertise Recruitment helped organise and sponsor 201 Tech community MeetUp events. Our meetup events are designed to be a learning platform to upskill the community, alongside being a networking opportunity for individuals who want to create a community outside of work; to bounce ideas, talk about the challenges they are facing, make friends and much more. It is a place where the tech community can come to listen, learn, explore and connect. These events take place every month and bring some of the industry’s leading experts to the meetups to talk about their experience.

Agile Leicester

Location: Dunelm Head Office, Watermead Business Park, Rayns Way, Leicestershire
Start Time:06:30 PM
Topic: Vision, strategy and gaining agreement on direction - with Richard Cornelius

Vision, strategy and gaining agreement on direction. An exercise to create an X-Matrix.

My favourite word is “Why?”

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Quality Advocates

Location: Albert House, 4th Floor, 256-260 Old St, Old Street, London EC1V 9DD
Start Time:06:30 PM
Topic: End to End testing in a Microservices environment

Speaker: Lewis Prescott will be talking about End to End testing in a Microservices environment.

Lewis is the QA Lead at Cera Care, Here is what he had to say about the talk:

"In my experience, I've struggled with the balance of end to end tests with having confidence in production and mocking out dependencies. Introducing contract testing to the world of end to end tests.

Are you testing microservices and want to deploy with confidence. Ensure your end to end tests are stable and reliable by introducing contract stubs. Using contracts within your end to end tests allows you to keep your mocks up to date, reduce flakiness and reflect production.

I will demo how to introduce contract stubs using Pactflow into your Cypress end to end tests."

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