Tech Stars of the Future

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The UK is experiencing unprecedented levels of demand for IT & tech talent but the supply of talent cannot keep up with the demand so we have decided to do something about it!

We’re on a mission to get more young people into IT & Tech and would love your help!

“Tech Stars of the Future” aims to encourage more young people into choosing IT / Tech as a career of choice. We believe that to attract more people into the industry we need to educate young people at school age about the wonderful career opportunities.

We’re looking for IT leaders who will act as “ambassadors”, along with businesses, schools and colleges to collaborate with to help us on our mission.

This initiative will commence in
the new school year and will involve:

  • Classroom based
    lessons talking about
    the world of IT & Technology
  • Coding & IT
  • Work experience
  • How to get into
    Tech & next steps
  • Mentoring Schemes

If you’re an IT leader, business or school/college and interested in getting involved, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!