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An interview is the most common way for employers to recruit and some jobs applicants can expect to sit through 3 and even 4 interviews as part of the recruitment process. So why do some people put little importance on preparing for interviews?

For the unprepared, interviews can be extremely nerve-wracking, while for those that understand the importance of them and prepare accordingly, they are a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd, promote you as being professional and an IT expert and can even make the process more enjoyable and your performance much more memorable. In our guide to successful interviewing we offer advice on the crucial stages of interview preparation – from the importance of carrying out research, to the value of understanding your own strengths – and suggest ways to really make your mark on potential employers.

Top 6 Job Interview Tips

If you’re counting down the days till your next job interview, these helpful hints will help you get in the right mood so you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers.

  • Do Your Research
    Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. You are certain to be asked specific questions about the company, so make sure you’ve done your homework on things like their last year’s profits and latest product launches. Also take a look at the latest developments in the industry so you can converse with confidence.
  • Practice Your Answers
    Although there is no set format that every job interview will follow, there are some questions that you can almost guarantee will crop up. You should prepare answers to some of the most common interview questions about your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to explain why you would be the best person for the job.
  • STAR Technique
    Use the STAR technique when responding to competency based questions. Situation/Task – set the scene, tell them about the task you faced, Action – tell them what you did, how you did it and why. Result – tell them the outcome. Did you learn anything, would you do anything differently. And remember to bring your answers to life, your interviewees should feel they were on the journey with you!
  • Look the Part
    Appearances shouldn’t matter, but the plain fact is that you are often judged before you’ve even uttered a word. Make sure your shoes are polished, your clothes fit correctly and that your accessories are subtle. Dressing one level above the job you’re applying for shows a desire to succeed.
  • Stay Calm
    Good preparation is the key to staying in control. Plan your route, allowing extra time for any unexpected delays, and get everything you need to take with you ready the night before. Remember to speak clearly, smile and remember that your interviewers are just normal people, and they may be nervous too!.
  • Ask Questions
    You should always have some questions for your interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the position. Prepare a minimum of five questions, some which will give you more information about the job, and some which delve deeper into the culture and goals of the company.
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