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Due to the nature of the job, security clearance has to be transferred from one agency to another. Xpertise kept me up to date and there was no anxiety as a result and a good and comfortable transition.

I have been happy with both the service both pre and post appointment. I find the response time to queries impressive as well.

Jack Lawson was recommended by a friend; he was proven to be an extremely good recruiter who fully understood my needs for a new role, and the skills I would bring to a company.  I 100% would recommend him to a friend and will contact him in the future should i wish to change roles again.

I was contacted via Linked In by Joe Macdonald asking if I was interested in a conversation about a PM role in the Midlands. Joe made sure I had all the relevant information I needed, he made sure I was prepared for the interviews and offered constant support and communication throughout the selection procedure. I didn't get offered that position, but the company took an interest in me for another position which Joe also handled. Eventually I was given an offer which I accepted. Even through the negotiation stage I felt fully supported by Joe and felt my interests were fully understood and supported.

The people at Xpertise Recruitment are friendly and knowledgeable and respond very quickly to questions or requests.

Always responsive and easy to deal with, great experience!

I can only speak for the contact I had with Richard Bailey... Richard is a breath of fresh air in the recruitment space as far as I'm concerned. I wish more recruiters were exactly like him. He is a consummate professional and a very likeable chap. Not many recruiters I've ever encountered buy me a coffee, wish me luck for interviews not arranged by them and congratulate me when those interviews result in offers. I'm only sad that the ideal role for me turned out not to be one of the two that Richard sourced for me. I felt bad for him - both Pattonair and Webroot were great opportunities and he worked diligently on securing telephone and face-to-face interviews with both. Richard is an absolute credit to Xpertise (give the guy a pay rise - he's more than worth it!) and I very much hope I can work with him again in the future whenever I look for my next opportunity. All the very best.

It was an excellent experience, having left my previous contract, Xpertise were quick to jump on an open opportunity so I could secure my next role. They are also based in Derby so it was great having a face to face discussion to understand how they work.

I dealt with Joe. A cut above other recruiters. He was on hand to answer all questions, he listened and gave me on going positive feedback. I felt like he had my best interest at heart

It has been excellent working with you and I hope we get chance to do so again. I would like to let you know that from all the agencies that I hear of, Xpertise always comes out top. I have never heard a bad word said, so thanks for all your help