Candidate Promise

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Bringing the Human touch to Recruitment

This candidate promise has been established to clearly outline the commitments, responsibilities and standards you can expect from Xpertise as a minimum and what is required from you in return in order to maximise our service. By fulfilling these obligations, we will build stronger relationships and provide mutually beneficial and rewarding long term, repeat, partnerships.

What you can expect from us in the candidate promise

Candidate Promise 1: Integrity

  • You can expect as standard, swift, accurate and honest responses to your applications
  • You can expect to be treated with respect, integrity and professionalism at all times
  • Your permission will be requested before the submission of your details to any potential employers
  • You can expect full role descriptions including: salary/rate, location, skills, suitability, project needs etc
  • You can expect that we will use all of your information confidentially and discreetly and that we will only request information relevant to your applications
  • You will never be asked for more personal information than is required.

Candidate Promise 2:
Customer Always

  • You can rely on us to represent you in the most productive way possible and that our actions will be driven towards helping you achieve a suitable role
  • You will be spoken to every month in order to see how your search, or new role is progressing
  • You will be treated as an individual and we will approach your relationship with us accordingly
  • You can rely on us to match you to existing positions within all suitable organisations
  • We will work proactively to find you suitable roles and to market you to relevant organisations
  • You can expect us to meet you in your new place of work within the first 6 weeks.

Candidate Promise 3:

  • You can expect responses to any payroll queries the same working day and that your query is dealt with efficiently and professionally
  • You can be sure we will respond to your queries within two business days and at a time most convenient to you
  • You can expect us to provide accurate, constructive and timely feedback throughout the whole recruitment process

What we expect from you

  • To keep us updated with any change in circumstances, including, skills accreditation, contact details, salary/rate requirements, location and availability
  • To attend interviews as arranged, or let us know if you are unable to do so
  • To provide open and honest feedback throughout and to treat us as a trusted adviser
  • To provide us with honest and accurate information on your applications
  • To share feedback with us about the experience you have received from Xpertise
  • To honour and observe any commitments given to our recruiters or our clients.

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