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Our Xpertise Talent Solutions are designed to help attract and recruit high quality IT & Technology talent for your business - hiring specialist permanent, contract & interim talent, to talent acquisition outsourcing, building project teams and IT offshoring.

What We Do

How we do it

How do we recruit high quality IT & Technology talent for your business? The saying goes ‘it’s not what you do but how you do it’. Our people care, we offer a ‘human touch’, we offer a service, but it actually feels like you are working with an extended part of your team whilst adding significant value through lower churn and therefore lower cost to hire. Imagine that. So, let’s look at the break down of how we do this.

  • It starts with hiring & developing great Xpertisers
    We hire recruiters with shared values and no egos, who are passionate, driven and coachable. We then train them via our award winning L&D training academy.
  • Investing in Tech
    Our People have access to the best recruitment tech enabling us to find talent that little bit quicker be that using AI driven searching to other tech tools providing our team with a competitive advantage.
  • Every recruiter is a Specialist
    We believe it is better to be an inch wide and a mile deep in terms of Candidate networks.
  • Insights, Events & Roundtables
    Xpertise provide unique insights, events and leadership roundtables to ensure community thought leadership.
  • ED&I
    Through our involvement with TechTalent Charter we are bringing together industries and organisations to drive greater inclusion and diversity in technology roles.
  • Customer Experience
    We prefer to be an extended part of your team, and this to us means creating an enjoyable, engaging, professional and ultimately value add experience.
  • What’s behind the CV
    Imagine working with a recruiter where 96% of hires were still working for you a year later. This is only possible because of the insights we gain from interviewing, meeting tech talent in the community, assessing culture fit and those discreet conversations to work out who the right people to hire are.
  • Embedded in the Tech community
    Last year alone our People supported 201 tech community events UK wide attended by more than 7000 technologists! Whilst most recruiters reviews CVs, our People are out meeting and interviewing talent and we believe you learn a great deal more about people having met them (even if that’s virtually in the Covid world).

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We’re on a mission to bring together industries and organisations to drive greater inclusion and diversity in technology roles.

By leveraging our reputation and foothold within the technology recruitment sector, our aim is to disrupt an entire industry and cause lasting change, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

Further Details
Talent Acquisition as a Service (TAAS)
What is TAAS?

We provide highly specialised IT & Technology recruiters to work exclusively for you for a fixed fee with guaranteed outcomes.

Our talent acquisition consultants are available as and when needed, whether you require a long term solution or enhancing your capacity during periods of extreme demand or on challenging campaigns such as in scale up situations.

Our specialist consultants are at the top of their field and trained internally with a blend of our award winning executive search methodology married with cutting edge tools and techniques.

They can appear to the outside world as fully-fledged employees with the benefit of full access to Xpertise candidate networks. You benefit not just from a single person’s network but by the power of the Xpertise network and wider team.

We’re here to ensure that you get the support you need, when you need it most, helping you source better candidates, faster and for a fraction of the cost.

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  • IT & Technology Recruitment

    • Full Talent Acquisition Managed Service for Clients Permanent and/or Contractor IT/Tech hiring needs with embedded onsite presence and a menu of additional bolt on services
    • A single source for hiring managers and internal HR teams to recruit across all IT/Tech talent requirements
    • Career Microsite to raise employer brand
    • Xpert hirer - Interview Process Management / Upskilling Managers / Assessment & Selection
    • Time to hire: <14 working days
    • Flexible models designed for a bespoke service
    • Dedicated Specialist Account Manager PLUS Extended Team of Specialist IT/Tech recruiters, that will utilise an existing network of over 130,000 candidates
    • Talent pool buyback – any candidate sourced directly that are rejected, you share a % of fees generated
    • Client portal for real time visibility of hiring activity
    • Pre & Post background checks / referencing to guarantee calibre of hire / Aftercare
    • Optional interview psychometric / behavioural tests and/or technical tests
How it works
  • We start with a detailed audit of your business and recruitment process
  • We create a tailored team to embed within your business and manage your recruitment needs
  • You pay a fixed monthly subscription with no hidden costs and all licences included
  • You benefit from not just a single Recruiter but the team and technology behind them to ensure you high the right people
Further Details

IT Offshoring

Frustrated with your current IT offshoring partner? Need a low cost way to build a product? Ever thought of Vietnam? Our IT Offshoring partner can help spawn up a new product development team in the following areas:

  • Mobile App Development
    We offer the full lifecycle from design to ongoing maintenance of both hybrid and native applications across all platforms. We work collaboratively with you to ensure the product perfectly fits your vision and requirements.
  • Web App Development
    We specialise in building and maintaining secure, user-friendly tailored web applications that gives improve the users experience. Whether is for the internet or an intranet we are experts in creating applications that fit your style and professional needs.
  • Backend Development
    Whether you want to build on Android or iOS our team of expert mobile game developers can work with you to transform concepts into engaging games. The team are all passionate about game development meaning every game is designed considering the latest gamification trends and advances.
  • QA & Testing
    Our manual testers and our QA experts dig beneath the surface and understand potential sources of issues before they occur. We also build upstream automated API, component and UI testing processes that guarantee highly functional features and immaculate UIs.
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Looking for a bespoke talent solution?

We offer bolt ons so you can tailor a package to suit your needs.

Choose from our selection of bolt ons to tailor a package that suits your needs. If you need to talk to an expert about what bolt on is right for you, get in touch with our Talent Solution Team.

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